Woman, Arise and Build – Virtues Ladies Conference, 2017

Anointed Intercessors Ministry invites you to a program that is designed and cultured for the women of our time. This program brings into light that women are the cornerstone of the family, church and the society. They are the helpers of the society, family and church. Without them this three unit cannot stand the test […]

Happy B’day Mummy

A great day today and it is the most happiest day ever. Our Mummy is One year Greater, One year Larger, One year Most Blessed, One year Growing from Grace to Grace, One year Fruitful and One year Full of Anointing and the Holy Spirit. God bless You Mum. Proverbs 31:26-30 26 She speaks with […]

Christian Leadership Conference – 2017

Welcome to another great service Themed “Leadership and Church Growth”, 2017 Edition. As Christians we must learn how to lead and create mutual growth in both the local church and the general Church of Christ. We are mandated to lead our sheep and also look for the lost sheep of the world. We have been […]

21 Days Fasting And Easter Convention, 2017

Anointed Intercessors Ministry, AIM, with the direction from the Holy Spirit, will be having a 21 Days Fasting And Easter Convention which will start Monday 27th March to 16th April, 2017 on the theme “Building in the face of the opposition”- Nehemia 4:7-9. The Program starts at 6:00pm to 9:00pm each night. We inviting all and […]

The Ressurrection-Sermon

Pastor Marvin A. Marfo is an anointed pastor of the church, Anointed Intercessors Ministries (A.I.M.). With distinct and on point command of the Word he delivers. Listen and You will be blessed