Our mission is derived from Jesus’ purposes for the Church and is summed up in our Mission Statement (Statement of Purpose) below.

To stand in the gap between God and the Nations: bringing people to Jesus through intercession and evangelism; establishing them in quality worship and loving fellowship; and to develop them into matured disciples who are equipped to serve God, the Church and others.


  1. To preach the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ as revealed in the Holy Scriptures by all means of communication, whether visual, verbal or written in order to reach out to lost souls of all race, colour and nationality.
  2. To establish vibrant, charismatic branch Churches in all places that the Lord will send us, so as to win souls for Jesus and disciple them to be effective in Christian ministry and to take up leadership roles in the Church. These churches must provide an atmosphere where people can worship God in spirit and in truth, receive the unadulterated word of God and share in loving fellowship as members of the Church.
  3. To raise up intercessors to stand in the gap for the towns, cities and nations where the Lord will send us and to pray for the Kingdom of God to be established.
  4. Other secondary functions such as the organisation of Para-church ministries and institutions, providing health, education, poverty alleviation and relief services shall be practised and encouraged as long as they shall not adversely affect or contradict the primary role of preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ.

We are located at 3rd Gate Junction on the Ashale-Botwe road near St. Cecilia School, Accra.

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Postal Address:
P.O. BOX AF 2014,
Our doors are always opened, come join us to worship the Lord

Our doors are always opened, come join us to worship the Lord