Ministerial Ethics And Protocols Part 1-By Pastor Francis Intiful

This is the first part of the sermon titled Miniserial Ethics and Protocols, delivered by Rev. Francis Intiful at the Christian Leadership Conference, 2018. In every institution, there is a governed principles and code of ethics and same applies to the Christian Body. Without ethics everything will be in shambles and nothing can be achieved. God’s glory thrive on orderliness not chaos. Listen and download.

Stages of Disloyalty By Rev Emmanuel Hogrey

The third sermon was on  The Stages of Disloyalty at theChristian Leadership Conference. This is preached by the guest pastor by Rev. Emmanuel Hogrey, who is a pastor at the Lighthouse International. He made it clear how disloyalty gets initiated and becomes a entrenched  in the Body of Christ. Download and listen to this powerful delivery.

Fundamental Lessons on Loyalty By Pastor Francis Intiful

This is the second sermon preached at the Christian  Leadership Program, 2018 on Fundamental Lessons on Loyalty. Rev. Francis Intiful speaks on lessons derived from been loyal. Been loyal is a learning process which needs to be learnt in the right way. He goes indepth on the most fundamental lessons on loyalty as a learning process. Listen to the powerful word from the Man of God.  

Leadership and Loyalty By Pastor Francis Intiful

This is the first sermon preached at the Christian  Leadership Program, 2018 on Leadership and Loyalty. Rev. Francis Intiful speaks on leading and the loyalty that church members will have to have to become a good shepherd and a sheep. When following a leader there are principles that one have to adhere to. He iterates on these principles and as a Christian Leader we need to learn to follow as disciples followed Jesus Christ which led to the growth of Christianity.

The Quickening Spirit By Rev. Francis Intiful

Pastor Intiful delivers on the quickening Spirit. He explains how to activate and reactivate the Holy Spirit. Listening to him will give you more insight on the way the Holy Spirit behaves.  

Jesus Christ The Complete Healer – By Rev. Francis Intiful

Welcome to another Sermon by Pastor Francis Intiful. He preaches on Jesus Christ the complete healer and restorer of our being, both physically and spiritually. Listen and be blessed.

All Sufficient God By Rev. Francis Intiful

Our God is a covenant keeping God. He is EL-Shadai, the Almighty God. He is our provider…

Easter-Convention-Day3-The Power in the Blood of Jesus By Rev. Francis Intiful

The mystery of the blood of Jesus Christ is one thing that affirms us as followers of the Jesus. For it is in it we find ourselves as one of Jesus. In the blood we partake in his love, grace and power. Rev. Francis Intiful clearly opens us to the mysteries of the Blood Of Jesus Christ. His blood that He shed still speaks for us today. Listen to the podcast  as the Pastor expounds on it.

Easter-Convention-Day2-The Name Of Jesus By Rev. Francis Intiful

In this sermon, Rev. Francis on the second day of the Easter Convention, 2018. The name of Jesus is above any other name. His name can liberate and dismember chains that has bound us. Rev. Francis Intiful teaches on how, what and when the name of Jesus is used and can be applied to our lifestyle. This powerful teaching creates an amount of substantial evidence that the name of Jesus is Greater than any name and holds unlimited power. Listen to this sermon.

Easter-Convention-Day1-The Word By Rev. Francis Intiful

In this sermon, Rev. Francis powerfully preaches on the Word. There is power in the word, with the Word we can overcome all things for it is in the Word we speak to being what is not to what it is. Sometimes we look too much to the environment and what we see and feel but we have forgotten that the world was brought into being by the Power Of the Word. Listen to this sermon for more insight on the Word and its intricacies.